Bond Women's Festival

Women led festival to celebrate women's
empowerment, entrepreneurship and expression.

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On January 19th, 2019 in Chiang Mai, Thailand Asia will experience the first completely women-led and organized event: the Bond Women’s Festival. The mission of this women-led festival is to celebrate women empowerment, entrepreneurship and expression.

We will have different tracks of workshops and events going at the same time during the day, including: women entrepreneurship, business masterminds, women empowerment sessions, yoga, and zumba. It will all roll into a dance party with a line-up of female DJs!

It's welcome to both men and women to attend, but will be completely run by women. It’s an open and safe platform to share something close to our hearts and we hope you will join us.

Imagine the broader impact of an entire day where women were celebrated: imagine spreading the message across the world that women are important, that we matter, and that we are worth supporting.

This will have a huge impact not only on the women who attend, but for the ones who hear about it. Our goal is have it be the new normal to celebrate women — we can move from one day a year of celebrating women to celebrating us on a daily basis.

As with all big things, we can’t do this alone. We need your help to create this safe space. You can be part of creating this story.

Imagine women and men coming from all over the world and connecting for a day long festival of workshops, music, and dance.

Your help will ensure this space can happen.

I’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign here. Contributions will go towards renting the venue, setting up the space, and creating the environment in which women can thrive.

You will make a big impact by sharing the Indiegogo campaign, details about the festival, and we’d love to do interviews to spread the word on what’s happening for women entrepreneurs in Asia and the broader impact for women empowerment happening.


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Want to talk?

Please Call Us: +66 (0)80-867-3008

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