Dylan Harper Faith


Dylan Harper Faith

Dylan, a spoken word artist, female footballer and gender equality campaigner will show the documentary Equal Playing Field, followed by a Q&A session.

Dylan is part of an organisation called Equal Playing Field, founded by a female footballer. In the last year they broke two world records in football to raise awareness of the gender inequality that exists within football from grassroots to elite level.

They played the highest game of football ever played at the crater below the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (with a medical team from NASA guiding them as it was so dangerous to play at that altitude). In the build up to the Women’s Asian games in Jordan, they hiked 100km, played 5 exhibition games and coached 4 x 4 hour coaching clinics to over a thousand girls in desert locations within a 2 week period before playing the lowest game of football in the world, by the Dead Sea in Jordan, on a pitch build for the match by Prince Ali of Jordan, who is an advocate for football and women’s right to play in the Middle East.

There have been two documentaries made with a third on its way. They are also hoping to break a third world record in June next year as part of the Women’s World Cup in Paris to give even more exposure to the topic.

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