Dylan Harper Faith


Dylan Harper Faith

Dylan is a spoken word artist, female footballer and gender equality campaigner.

MindWideOpen is a literal name conceived from the idea that her poetry is just the spilling of her brain onto paper as if it had been cut in half by an unidentified sharp objects. She speaks of relatable topics very close to her heart.

Dylan (her preferred name), has performed in Kuala Lumpur with Cat Brogan and has won slams in 4 countries including Brighton, England; Melbourne, Australia; Dubai, UAE & Bangkok, Thailand. Whilst living in the UAE, Dylan was part of the Dubai Poetry Collective who performed the local festival circuit in Dubai. Dylan is currently attempting to write 2 volumes of poetry called “Letters To My Ex” and “Living with D”. She is an advocate for mental health and gender equality in sport and her spoken word is about to feature in a world class documentary about a badass bunch of women (of whom she was one of) from around the globe who broke two world records to prove that women can achieve anything and deserve an equal playing field in sport.

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