Lisa Byrd Nesser

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Lisa Byrd Nesser

Lisa Byrd Nesser has been living and working with Burmese/Myanmar refugees and minority groups in Chiang Mai for the last 14 years. She founded Thai Freedom House in 2005; a community language and arts learning center which provides free classes, seven days a week to vulnerable populations that would have nowhere else to turn. Volunteers from all over the world come to intern and volunteer at Thai Freedom House where she serves as a mentor. Her vegan social enterprise, Free Bird Cafe is highly successful, with visitors both local and international coming to taste the delicious ethnic food and support the cause. 100% of the profits from the restaurant are donated to the learning center.

She also serves her community as an intuitive healer and performs one on one healing sessions, particularly with women who have suffered trauma, through her business Lisa Byrd Collection. In addition, she runs Chiang Mai's only donation center accepting clothing and household items year round, which are sorted and sent across Northern Thailand to communities that are the most in need, as well as running a small thrift store to support those efforts, Pre-Loved Charity Shop. Most recently, in 2018, she has opened Chiang Mai's first zero waste shop, My Best Life CNX which is a package free store, working towards combating the problem of plastic and waste in Thailand.

All of her businesses are Social Enterprises, working on the model of Circular Economy, producing less waste and supporting positive change. Join her as she talks about the structure of this work and how to live more intentionally and authentically through your business model.

Lisa Byrd Nesser
Instagram: @freebirdcafe @thaifreedomhouse @mybestlife_cnx

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