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Ludivine Ambre

My name is Ludivine, I am born in France in a family of artists and spiritual healers. To me, spiritual healing is, as natural as drinking water when you feel thirsty.

I have always been surrounded by all different kind of healers, and when my time came to share my talents, I couldn’t decide between the artistic side or the healing one… So I thought why wouldn’t I practice both!

I first created a fashion design clothing collection named Divine Creations, using colours, shapes (sacred geometry), fabrics etc... All these “ingredients” are a combination of creative frequencies, my idea was to help woman feeling comfortable, elegant, realigned and reconnected with their inner femininity whatever criteria age or body shape.Then I met the bioresonance technology through my best friend and jumped into this new project to continue my healing journey by using frequency, intuition and channelling to help as many people as I possibly could.

When spiritual healing merges with science, magic happens...

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