Saffiya Arnous


Saffiya Arnous

Laughter Yoga combines intentional sustained laughter, yogic breathing exercises, and deep relaxation. Come let the mind rest and dive into childlike playfulness, playing and having fun without judgement from anyone. We will have loads of fun together!

And actually the real benefits of Laughter Yoga do not come during the stimulation phase, but when we enter into a profound relaxation phase at the end. Equal emphasis is put on both aspects - because like Yin and Yang, we need both!

With laughter yoga, we elevate our mood and enhance our health. We become more efficient and creative. It contributes to better relationships with people. And we cultivate our strength to remain positive regardless of circumstances in life.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to discover and unleash the power of laugh within you!
Hoho Hahaha!

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