Sarah Love


Sarah Love

Sarah is a professional Cuddlist who is passionate about empowering people to better understand and express their needs, desires, and boundaries. She aims to create supportive spaces for people to connect to themselves and others in consensual and fulfilling ways. Sarah believes in harnessing the powers of compassionate communication and conscious connection to make the world a happier and healthier place.

The Consensual Connection workshop provides a space for us to connect with others in a safe and supported way. This is a place to be seen, heard, and respected. We will learn about consent and communication through simple playful exercises as we explore our needs, desires, and boundaries. We can find nourishment by connecting to ourselves and others, with an invitation to share the sweetness of platonic touch and intimacy. We will commit to participate only in ways that we feel comfortable and happy to do so, knowing our needs with be honored without judgement. If you want a hug, get consent and go for it! If you want to sit in the corner and quietly observe, go ahead! Feeling called to close your eyes and connect energetically? Cool! It’s all perfect.

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